16 Hours of Homework

Art is repetition. I’m in a math class but the more methods I learn for math there’s all these connections to drawing. I used to do photo realistic then it was like, “what’s the point?” There’s cameras. 🤣🤷‍♂️

I feel the same about certain functions in Math. We have come almost 500 years since Algebra was being expressed. 400 years since Persians mastered it. Really? Did Americans do anything right? Hahahah.

I kid.

I didn’t think with my medical emergency around Christmas that it would be possible to go back to college. I’m still a little banged up. Women used to like the banged up guys you know, before Instagram.

I did so much Math today. A quarter of the book. Hundred pages of notes. Played with my new graphing calculator. 🙃 I can pinpoint what week I might fail.

I don’t need college to be easier. I need my life to be easier so I could do well in college. I guess, that’s what rich people do. Then, go on social media and cry and fish for sympathy. 🤣😇 I don’t believe in rich people. I worked all the time. I go on interviews. I don’t feel, subordinate to anyone. 🤣🤦‍♂️ I know. It’s hard, just lie. I don’t like to lie. So. The dilemma. I’ll go as hard as I can with whatever I have.

Education is not a popular route in Arizona. It’s that other thing you do and then, for some reason you just stop and complain about Arizona sports teams. Men.