5 Chapters left of college.

I should feel great. Like, so accomplished and stuff. 😀 I’m so tired. I’m pretty sure I could pass the final with what I know right now. I have to schedule it. Sigh. It’s one of those finals.

I will eat ice cream after and do a little dance. Even. If I don’t pass. Hahaha. It took almost two years to get to right here. 5 chapters left. I have like, thousands of pages of notes. It’s in an order. I tried to stay organized because its really so much information. Bodies. They do stuff. We do stuff to them. They break.

I’m not going to go as far as I wanted in college. I think it’s okay. I’ll have what’s needed in an area that’s pretty demanding. Lots of blood. Interesting problems. In a city that has like five hospital systems to choose from and a ton of specialty clinics. I think I want a trauma hospital that stays pretty busy. One that makes a week look like a month somewhere else. Just so I get a ton of experience. Any hospital here in Phoenix has its niche. I like that. I like helping. I did all this to start helping, somewhere.