A Good Irish Breakup Song

What makes a good Irish breakup song? Oh. That’s a long one. Three verses. Some. Catchy chords. No one ever notices it’s really two verses. Good Irish songs really put it all out there because it’s opposite to English sensibility. Well, with a new King and all why not a good Irish breakup song?

irish song band siuil a ruin

Clannad “Siuil A Run.”

There’s a lyric in Irish. Well. Okay, the title is “Walk with me” kinda, in English but it’s in Irish and English.

So why is it a breakup song?

It’s another fight song. She wants him here and he has to fight. Originally, especially in Ireland there was social commentary in songs. Even in breakup songs. This seems like a conflict and two people fighting but it also seems much more of Irish history. Social histories woven into the words. Ireland isn’t all Riverdance and Saoirse Ronan. Anyways, so now its about a man that loves his sword more than his woman. She laments but she accepted it because she encouraged it. Ahem. So. Americans, you know lifted trucks and “back the blue” types might go “Hell yeah! Her fault 100 where’s my guns?”

Ireland. Didn’t have its freedom like we did here. Some might say they never had a breakup from England. History is remembered by some and forgotten by many.

It’s now woven in the performance of the song. It’s usually done, slow. Almost crying. A lot of lives were lost fighting England for a little piece of land. Their home. Although it has many many ideas of why this song was made I think the sentiment was just conflict and how Ireland got here. 

My favorite lyric:

go dte tu mo mhuirnin slan.” (go, my darling, safely)

Siuil A Ruin (Siubhail A Ruin)

It seems like a nicer sentiment in an otherwise sad Irish song. A breakup does require one to leave but even the worst breakups. You know. You want them gone but not, dead. Maybe, it’s different in Ireland. Romeo and Juliet was the reverse and also not Irish, they just had controlling helicopter parents. Upper classes. 🤣🙄

Many performers though, while playing and singing always at this point. These lyrics turn into magic. Like, depending on if it’s fast or slow it’s just magical. Hard to explain. Like a last look before you say goodbye.

It’s beautiful. It’s Irish. 👍

Then, Seo Linn. Oh gosh. They did a awesome remake of the whole song. Structure. Everything. I can say, because I’m not Irish. It’s better than the original. I’m going to listen to it again after posting this. Its daring. It put life back into the missing arrangements. They are so excited singing it they are dancing while playing. That’s Irish. 👍 I’ve known a few Irish musicians when they get into it their whole body performs with them. Even though, its a breakup song it’s a great Irish breakup song. I think everyone has a favorite version.

Seo Linn “Siuil A Ruin.”