Almost Always Terrible Phoenix Arizona Drivers

almost always terrible phoenix arizona drivers

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Almost Always Terrible Phoenix Arizona Drivers. In the Phoenix Arizona burbs looking at stuff. Then I hit this long line of cars for almost no reason at all. So I made up reasons. I think I’m verry funny. The funniest person I know. Why the suburbs? I think it was for a job interview or something. It could have been. I could work in the suburbs. Unless there’s always a two mile line to turn right. Then, I can but I don’t want too. Why wait in a two mile line to turn right? What is so important over there that you can only turn right here? I don’t get it. Its probably why I don’t live in the suburbs. These things make sense to those that live here. Just, wait a half hour to turn left into Circle K or something. Jump in your Tesla and it drives itself. I’m sure its suggesting other routes. “Maybe, go left instead human?” Or, however Elon Musk decides to fix that dilemma. Sitting there in a long line with a traffic light that maybe lets five or six cars turn right. It’s wild and fascinating. You could get out and walk and be there faster. You could. I wouldn’t suggest it because someone might run you over at the crosswalk. Those that want to turn right share the walk light for pedesterians and always try to get ahead of them. Its a bit messed up, I think it slowly gets fixed for like a day or a week and then someone messes it up again. You’re just like, well I might as well sit in this half hour line turning right. Wait my turn and just hope for the best. It’s fine. All fine. It’s the suburbs. Kinda. Almost always terrible Phoenix Arizona drivers.