Almost always terrible Phoenix Arizona drivers

almost always terrible phoenix arizona drivers

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It’s warmer, there’s more bicycles. Part-timers. 🤣🤣🤣💪🚴Back in my day there weren’t as many terrible Phoenix Arizona drivers. The horses were almost always polite and the rattlesnakes waited at crosswalks with the rest of us. It was a simpler time with just a few traffic lights an only a few terrible drivers. There were people that would switch the traffic lights on and off and we’d roll into traffic about as often not because of texting but because cars were just invented. Bicycles were everywhere because the Internet wasn’t invented yet. So, people still kind of lived outside their phones. It was alright playing with sticks and such versus Call of Duty. 

almost always terrible phoenix arizona drivers

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Yes well, Phoenix Arizona does have some terrible drivers almost all the time. At every light you can see someone texting and rolling into the crosswalk. Driving while drinking is never a great option but with new prescriptions it could really be anything. Then, they are driving and not making great decisions. That’s really what it is, an environment becomes hostile by the choices of a few and then the many accept it. That’s why drivers are terrible here. The people and drivers have accepted this new way of life. Of course, the terrible drivers would accept such things that would give them an advantage towards anything or anyone. Have you saw the light turn red and immediately 5 or 6 cars turn left? I know you all weren’t in the intersection as it turned red. Hostile environment. That’s all I’m saying. If you wanted others to be like you and be selfish drivers then obviously something will give and there will be more collisions. Streets and public transit which is all roads really is a give and take within laws that even cover terrible driving. Yes, there are almost no cops to enforce them but at least it’s a way of getting from A to B safely.

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