Almost Married.

“I wish I was as strong as you.”

“I’m glad you’re not as strong. What would I do?”

“I wish you could come to the church.”

“Hey. It’s okay. Alright?”

“There’s still time for a confession—.”

“I’d have too much to say. I’m sorry.”

“You have secrets.”

“I have scars. Nice red ones. I don’t remember.”

“Maybe. God kept you here because I needed you.”

“That’s nice to, say. Your Dad would be proud.”

We sat there eating our breakfast burros from our favorite quick spot. Looking over empty tables and chairs. A bar we quickly welded together from an idea I had.

A quick Blender 3D prototype.

Made some of these too.

Fixed the backyard to look immaculate. The nicest looking in Maryvale. I heard it called Murder-ville recently. Well. We make the peace we want in our lives even while surrounded by the crazy.