Another METCON. Finished.

I tried this one. The music was really good in this one. Almost similar to big room techno. Ummm. I’m really tired. I did three chapters in one of my medical books. Four tests. Started an essay. I still try to make time to work out though. Its important.

The cool thing about Heather Robertson workouts. Cool thing #47593 😀 You don’t feel pressured. The timer starts. She has a good tempo. The music is 1.5 to 2.0 faster. You hear a chirp. Its the next excercise. Unlike other group fitness videos where there’s a brigade of people in front of the camera. Going somewhere close to light speed doing pushups and chinups and juggling barbells. It’s the simple format that I like. Do this. I’m doing this. Beep. That’s it. How many? Don’t worry about it we’re doing this next one now. 😀

Of course you could, count and really push yourself and still benefit from the format itself. Logging all your reps. Shunryu Suzuki, said to keep your mind empty and it is always ready for anything. That’s what I like doing while doing Heather Robertson workouts. Focus on the present and keeping the form. She uses 10 pound weights I use 35. No big deal. Focus. Breathe. Beep. Do it again. I feel very present. I’m tired but there’s also less worry. Even though, you know. Finals. Oral exams. Appointments. Interviews. Hospital visits. Jovial doctors that enjoy their jobs and want to talk for hours. 😀 Emptiness is really, a goal rather than a destination. I think. You don’t just rest and concentration is achieved. Its a workout in itself. For me. Maybe there’s someone else out there that has been empty-headed for years. Good for you. I can sit and stare at clouds for hours. I learned, emptiness is just like clouds.