Bumble is great 👍💪

I like the format. I’m surprised. I didn’t find it earlier. It’s the same kind of PowerPoint presentation of yourself that other dating apps use. There’s just that, extra thing here that makes people super honest. Basically, Bumble is a hot yoga class where somebody farted.

So then, you have the range of people there. Which is definitely a different range than what’s normally saw on dating apps. Way less gym selfies. Way less bikinis on a boat. Way less of the normal “I need attention” behaviors. I have a pretty good memory for faces due to drawing. I’ve only saw maybe one person from other dating apps. She was a bit of a jerk. Of course she’d be there. 😕😇

Other great things is you don’t talk if you don’t connect. So. It seems pointless for the impatient. I like to look at it like this. Can I be happy with you? Yes? Swipe. So. I still end up saying no often. It’s fine. I’m not unreasonable. I’m happy now and we run into each other on a dating app or real life. Can I be happy with you? Yes. Great, I’ll keep doing me. So. The competition is lessened and there’s less of a “type” if you think about it. I’ll read the Twitter sized bio. I’ll look at their wants and if they match my wants, I’m happy. I’ll swipe. If I never hear or see from them. I won’t die. 😁 I think that part is brilliant. You don’t see a lot of the needy types on there because of the lack of instant gratification. Love should not be found as quickly as McDonald’s.

It should be a journey with a lot of reflection. Do I love this in someone? Am I guessing? Why is that important? She has a toy dog? Toy dogs hate me. Okay maybe this mighty not work I’ll save my swipes for someone this great but without toy dogs and fifteen cats. Then, I’ll keep looking. It has that museum feeling to it. Not fifth grade science museum feeling. More like, I’ve been here before and they moved that Pollock I loved. Here? No I’ll just keep swiping left until I find it. Oh. She has a graduate degree and is not obsessed with hiking? Hmm. Okay. Hold on. Lemme see. 🤣👋 How are you? Good. Oh. You want something I don’t want well, I’m off to find the Pollock then…

I think I saw it down there.