Combat Girls. A great German film.

Radicalized locals against new asylum seekers. The major conflicts arise between the perceived differences, the exceptions. The hate brewing from people living strenuously on government assistance. Meanwhile, almost a third through the film when the antagonizers towards Nazi youth disappear. A quiet moment is shared on film between Rasul and Marisa. The girlfriend of the local Nazi group leader in their small German town. There was a conflict between groups and she killed his cousin in a moment of road rage. They sit and have tea and talk about Afghanistan. It was my favorite scene in the film.


Rasul showing her kindness after so much conflict. Marisa confused and somehow trying to reconcile murdering his cousin. It’s hard to compare Combat Girls to American History X. It’s unfair. It’s a different narrative in a different perspective of a different generation. Radicalism of groups and its consequences nearly broke America wide open on our capital steps January 6th. Combat Girls reminds me of The Way of Tea (2014).

With an interesting approach to framing radicalized youth not to promote them but bring resolve. Halfway through the film I was so invested in the characters. Unlike, American History X or The Believer which used the known methods of violence and intimidation to tell the story. I mean, sure the other films have some moments as well but not like Combat Girls. It’s coming of age and well done. A way to face the repercussions of our actions and leave with different perspectives than our narrow ones we hold so dear. That’s, what I liked about this German film. It didn’t try to solve extreme hate in 90 minutes. It pulled two groups together after a tragedy that didn’t need to happen. Then, just recorded them almost documentary style and let the narrative and resolve come together.

Wnent, D. & Cocco, S. (2011) Combat Girls (Kriegerin) [Motion Picture]. Germany: Ascot Elite.