Doing the most good for people in the hospital.

I decided to write out a new timeline after looking over my days before my next exam. Sure. It took about a half hour to make in Microsoft but a plan is better than no plan especially for medical exams.

doing the most good for people in hospital

Why have a plan?

I could wing it in anywhere else but medical. There’s so much knowledge to acquire before and for repeated testing. I’m not disgruntled by it. It’s a challenge and the rewards are great. They may not be money but just the feeling that you’re a part of a team. Your team saved lives today. No one cared about how many followers the patient has they just knocked out the procedure. I like that the hospital is an adventure. Everyone did stuff and then, after they ended up in the hospital. There’s no judgement, I just get to do my best to get them out in the world again. Republican or Democrats, it really doesn’t matter to me. My job, is to be as helpful and empathetic as possible for everyone.

Why work in the surgery department?

In the midst of an unpredictable environment. A car crash. A baby that can’t breathe. An injured construction worker.

“You know, this is going to be rough for a long time. It’s the really bad traumas.”

“I wanted a place where I can learn as much as possible, quickly.”

I told my interviewer. She said there’s lots of blood. I said I’ll wear a gown. There’s nothing she could have told me that would have knocked me down without trying to get back up again. I wanted this for a while and I made myself ready to help out. Sure. Surgery isn’t the midst glamorous department. Not like the hospital shows. Its the rare place where miracles happen daily. People making comebacks from the brink of death. I’ve been on the surgeon’s table a few times.

Why work so hard?

If I had more money, I’d finish the rest of school and just do Doctors Without Borders or some other medical humanitarian aid. I’d find a cool hospital with plenty of time off in Phoenix Arizona.  I’d work long enough to pay the rent for a year and then go volunteer in a country. Try to do the most good in this life. There are many places in the world that do not have trauma centers. That may be under total control of some other government. There’s still people there that do people things and have people needs. Its easy to forget the rest of the world is even there and doesn’t have it as good as Americans.

Meanwhile in Phoenix Arizona.

Just in Phoenix Arizona there’s like 5 Cancer hospitals. A whole hospital for cancer patients. In other countries they might fly someone to a nearby facility in another country for care. If that’s not an option they receive some care but no treatment. It’s a tough place to be and even in Phoenix Arizona there’s plenty of people that cannot afford the hospital. You do not ummmm, you do as much as you can even knowing it’s not even close to enough. Humbling but, its why I studied so much about medicine. There was a pandemic and I was still in school. That was humbling.

Taking vacations to go work hard somewhere else.

Then, I’d come back and work at the cool hospital until I had enough to do another humanitarian aid mission. I feel, like we all that have some talent do our best to either exploit it to make the most money possible. Or, find comfort in the artistic expressions that it produces. I’ve met a few surgeons that do as much as they can to pay for life and then take the time off to help those that can’t afford it. Its good for the soul. Its good for the health of communities. You do not try to fix the entire world but you put in a day’s work and fill it with as much as you can before you’re exhausted. Giving life back to places and people that would not otherwise have those opportunities. I see myself in the faces of people in distress.

This looks impossible. 😀

This timeline, and my plan is a lot bigger. I will succeed and do good things. I will have that balance though helping where I can with a focus on those that really have nothing. Within those networks of aid to multiply their efforts when those times arise. Someone was there when I needed them and didn’t have anything. They stayed over, and did a surgery and saved my life. Then, I spent the next few years trying to learn how to do the same for others. So. This time and plan are bigger and if I achieve only some of what I spoke of it would be plenty in a lifetime. I want to leave this Earth knowing I did a ton of good with my second chance at life. Even if, it looks like the world is falling apart in the mean time. I cannot fix everything but I can do as much as I can each day. To be that good exhausted that you feel when you’ve done good all day for others. I wouldn’t call that humbling I would call that believing in humanity and second chances on life. Doctors and surgeons do that all day every day giving back life.


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