Emerson Frybread Food Truck

Emerson Frybread, a Navajo Taco and Prickly Pear lemonade

I had to get it. 😁💪 I haven’t had frybread in months. I saw them. I smelled the food from across the parking lot. Its one way streets in downtown Phoenix. So. I went the opposite direction and did three U-turns to get back here to Emerson’s Frybread truck. Oh. I stopped at QT for cash:

I need $20 for frybread..

For what?

Fry bread? It’s like, pizza. Fried pizza.

That’s um, ok.

Its better than okay. It is the okayest.

Its culturally unique. In its flavor. Other cultures make something similar but the flavors are also unique to them also. You sit there with fresh fry bread and remember all the times you sat at powwow’s almost immediately. It is a comfort food. Comfort foods feed the soul and may not be known for their diet-friendly plating. Fry bread. Especially, Emerson’s has a unique flavor. It was also one of my Mom’s first jobs. It’s probably the closest to my Mom’s fry bread because that’s where she learned to make fry bread.

The circle of giving. Fry bread. 😁

So. It’s much different than the fry bread I grew up with. The lettuce is not the cheap iceberg lettuce. It’s greener and leafy. The bread itself feels a bit better. The taste was definitely there. It’s, a bunch of things but reminds me of a fresh glazed donut. Super squishy. So squishy. Not dry. Crunchy. Not too crunchy. It’s really an art to know when to flip it. Too soon It won’t cook. Too much it cracks when you fold it.

You eat fry bread like a massive taco. A 10 inch taco that weighs about 1-1/2 pounds. Haha. Just one is good enough for two people. My Dad eats like three.

I really liked that I ran into them in Phoenix. I had to go to the hospital again today. I wanted some comfort food after.