Everything is Chess.

Put in two applications at the top two hospitals in Phoenix Arizona. Its a strategic plan. I have to wait two weeks for my last exam. I thought why wait another two weeks for hospitals to find me? 😁 I’ll be like, hey over here. I did the process.

My current job is great. Although, the pay is a bit 1970’s middle class. When we also had high inflation and high gas prices and everyone pointing fingers. History is a strange one. Make a plan before you graduate. Then, you have the data you need to make better choices.

I want to help people. I know I’ll be exhausted at the end of the day. With this part of my life. I will help people. My needs have been met with so little over the past few years while trying to graduate. All the things I couldn’t live without I’ve left behind. Love. We think so much of it but no so little of it. Love, what you do and whatever satisfaction is enough. There is no perfect dialogue or strategic planning. There’s not enough love so you start there. With yourself, can I love doing this? Helping people that really need it the most? Love that. Romantic love. It’s not this. 😁 You know. That’s okay. It’s okay to never have romantic love come into my life again. Ever.

I’m helping people. It’s enough because there’s not enough love out there for everyone.