Final Exams Routine For College and University.

sleeping while studying for final exams is not a good routine

I am doing okay on my finals exams prep plan for college. I took some days off from work and my final exam is confirmed for tomorrow at a college here in Phoenix Arizona. Its not my first final but I did notice a routine since the usual madness of trying to remember everything just before you have to test.

Make a plan. Do the plan.

my plan for final exams

This is my finals plan and it has changed about six times so far. I’ll get ahead or behind. Honestly, being behind is not some place you want to be before a final exam. It happens, just own the actions that took place and learn from them. That’s really all you can do because its in the past. Life is a lot of learning and failure is a great teacher.

Study your weaknesses from the class for final exams.

I’m sure we are all just amazing at everything we do that’s why there’s tests to knock us down a notch. Especially final exams which are written specifically to challenge our greatness. I used to think they were mean, too. 😀 Hahaha. Why would you write that question like that its deceiving? Every instructor has a different style of teaching and it shows on the final exams. Especially the finals that are overly hard. So, final exams for college I mean, that’s the formula. An 800 page textbook and tons of lectures. Find the parts you really sucked at and try to understand those concepts better.

Don’t concentrate on what you already know for your final exam.

I know I already mentioned this about final exams in college. It is in a easy road. Studying from those chapters that you enjoyed and calling it a day to catch up with everyone else on Instagram or TikTok for the next six hours. A slightly productive Saturday night. Really? That’s why if you are pressed for time you would be better off going over the first quarter of the textbook from a few months ago. Realistically, our minds tend to forget what we “know” or think we know and memory does require constant repetitions. The beginning of the textbook is the introduction to the course but could also drop you a letter grade at the final exam. If you have forgotten the beginning chapters.

Test yourself on final exam questions.

Its not illegal for final exams in college or universities. To look over your notes and make some test questions and then stop every hour and test yourself on those questions. I’d avoid or at least be skeptical of internet questions you found on your subject. Stick to the W’s:

  • Who is usually a person or thing. Who questions can be events or incidents.
  • What is another person or thing. What is this (vocabulary word), what is it used for? What happens when it’s broken or missing in surgery? (In my case)
  • Where is usually a setting or sequence? Where did this occur or where is it found in a list of things you must know?
  • When is usually time but also sequence? When does this occur in a sequence of things you must know?
  • Why is really important for facts, causes, and events. You take what you’ve studied and asked yourself, why? Why is this a thing? It’s also a fun exercise for critical thinking because there’s facts and you’re trying to connect ideas.

This was my old plan: How to complete a year long course in 2 months