Finished My Homework 3x faster today.

I’m not one to pick up stuff quickly. Well. I technically had four jobs in the last three weeks while starting summer semester. One of those jobs never paid me. 😔 I go all the way out to SScottsdale. Freakin $6 a gallon gas. And. Some rich guy in Scottsdale in a fancy house doesn’t want to pay me. Oh wait. He builds fancy houses in Scottsdale and pretends to “just get by” in Gilbert or Queen Creek.

Normally, I’d allow myself a beer or two to contemplate something sinister. Still on my heart meds. So. I just choose to accept that there are crap employers in Phoenix. Then, I opened my Math book and blazed through two chapters tonight. It’s an accelerated class so I mean being a day ahead isn’t that good. I think there’s someone a week ahead.

There was overtime at my new job but, I really can’t work like that anymore. I would love the extra money. My boss thought I was crazy to turn down time and a half to sit in a math class. This job though, just asked and I said I have class then he backed off. No pressure. No, “I’ll get you fired for saying no.” I was straight with him from the start. That, I have to be here to eat and pay for school. If I’m not there I’m studying. If he gets in the way of studying I’ll quit.

I also know I’m in the honeymoon phase of school. It’s awesome again. In another two years it will be super stressful and I’ll want to do ANYTHING else. 🤣 I’m really just trying to figure out how to get it done this time. Meanwhile, scrapping together tuition and stuff. Just working towards two things, my next meal and graduation.