German – Hungarian food

So. I didn’t feel like eating but felt like a beer. Then, after talking with the bartender he suggested a Hungarian sausage with my Ayinger Pilsner. It was a pretty good idea. Szép munka! (Nice work). I’m six months ahead in studying. I got a really big pretzel. It was so good.

Then, another beer a German Dunkelweisen with some apple strudel. If I had an extra stomach I’d stay all day. It’s my kind of bar. Just, pretty low key and surprised I showed up so early. Beer for breakfast is a single guy thing. The food, was the detour for me.

Everybody was really nice though. I didn’t know Hungarian. So. I was like what’s that? It’s chocolatey? Like Ice cream or coco? So. There was a lot of that. Cultural exchanges. 🤣🤣🤣 People, all people eat stuff.