Getting a 100 dollars from GoogleAdsense in 2066.

100 dollars from GoogleAdsense looks differently for every website. If you’re not talking about whatever everyone else is talking about you should expect to not have as many views as the ASMR finger-tapping Youtuber or something. You’ll probably get $100 from GoogleAdsense for all your ad placements in a time frame that looks…well…pathetic. I did the math for my GoogleAdsense account and I’ll show you. I don’t know how to do ASMR or other pseudo-sciences. I just used Google calculator and a brain. You can borrow the second one if you’re busy.

When you open your Google Adsense account.

You’ll see RPM. Page and impressions RPM.

impressions rp

page rpm

From Google Adsense.


These numbers tend to fluctuate based on the views you receive and ad settings you have on your website. I think mine is um, pathetic. Hahaha. It’s like 19 cents for every thousand views. Or. 2/100,000th of a penny for every page view from an ad. Well, I’m sure not going to retire off Google Adsense or anything. 😀 Its, a system in place though that makes sense for larger media networks to receive more money on established brands. Like, ESPN or CNN or another N network. It benefits both, the larger network with brand recognition and Google because, ads.

Because ads.

Somebody somewhere is paying Google AdWords to put impressions on websites. Your website or my website. Hopefully, getting 1% to click through to their business. Then, maybe one percent of them buy their service or product. So, you can see some balance there. An ad placement across a network is not fishing with dynamite. It’s a risk but a calculated one by a company. A hip brand might not buy ads on my website and I totally agree. Totally agree. Chanel or Cosmopolitan magazine should skip my website because we want different things. We have no relationship to each other based on our content and our reality. 😀

Even though Google is everywhere it is still a company and just like Facebook is still a company the container and revenue is from, ads. Those little impressions on websites that eventually make someone think “Oh, I guess I did need that electric nosehair trimmer sponsored by the Kardashians in this ad here.”

Is it a thousand hits and an instant 19 cents in your account?

I think my bank would laugh. I think they charge more in fees to get that out. I couldn’t even buy gum with that.

I don’t like gum.

Something does change though. It is a set of rules. If you hit this point in views and ads your portion is higher. These, levels change the values in the equation. So its always fluctuating. If you have a low page view day it goes down. A high page view day like the weekends it goes up.

How many pages do I need to get $100 on Google Adsense from views?

So how much to get a $100? 😀

So there’s 526 um…portions in .19 (my current Page RPM. See Above) to get $99.94 I would need 527 to get a $100 from Google Adsense.

That’s the amount there at .19 per thousand views. I would need 527,000 views. :-/

How long would that take to get $100 on Google Adsense from just, views?

At the current rate I would get a $100 from Google for ads in 43 years and 11 months.

What’s 43 years from now? 😀

2022 plus 43 years that’s 2065. Oh, plus 11 months so 2066, somewhere like August 2066. I’ll be, 85? Hahaha. Google Adsense will then throw a $100 in my bank account. With inflation, hmmm. Lets take a look.

forbes inflation calculator

The Forbes inflation calculator. There’s a lot of calculators for this blog post on Google Adsense payments.

Forbes inflation calculator link it only goes 30 years ahead. We need 44 years to see what Google Adsense will pay me when I reach $100 dollars. Even 30 years from now, my hundred dollar payment from Google will only be worth $33 -ish. Hahaha. You really just have to laugh it off. Wow. That’s really bad. Good thing I’m not like relying on Google to eat or anything.

Is there a future inflation calculator by centuries?

I would need closer to half a century of inflation numbers to finish the math problem of where and how much my $100 from Google Adsense would be worth in the real world.

google adsense payment with inflation

There it is. Even though, the number is a bit off we can see that from my current Google Adsense Page RPM value and when I am projected receive the 527,000 views from my tiny blog about well, things in my life. I would receive my $100 for letting Google Adsense borrow 25% of my website for the next 44 years. :-/. Meanwhile, I’d pay the $400 a year for server space and domains each year until they paid their part of the rent. 😀 Its an unbalanced relationship definitely at first. The numbers look terrible. The value is also pretty bad for my website. So?

Why should you use Google Adsense it sounds like a terrible idea with all the numbers.

It is, I’m not disagreeing. Then, lets say something strange happens and people find you and enjoy your content. For, some odd reason every weirdo just like you gets a phone and are somehow looking for info on the medical oddities and strange drawings I post. Right? That’s what everyone thinks. EVERYONE. There’s no way to change your value without working for pretty much free until you have done all the work to be “of value” to Google and the rest of the world that finds you from Google.

Not super great.

Its not terrible and it also is terrible. As any artist should believe, you are great. You are an amazing person even if the numbers and your “value” in or at Google doesn’t reflect that. You keep making and building. Right? Don’t worry about the numbers because in 44 years when Google finally pays me my $100 I’ll probably be dead and it will be only worth $25 in real life.


I’m not mad at Google or Facebook or Social media I just don’t use them:

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