The Feeling of Getting into the hospital.

I wasn’t sure I was going to get into the hospital this fast. I thought, I had another year at least. Even, with how I study and everything. There’s so much to know. Even then, you sit for an exam and go out into the real world and it either clicks or it does not click. Its a system and there are a thousand wires going every direction at a hospital. Some jobs prevent and some repair and even others look at how a population will fall apart later. Its all, pretty good. Try not to be overwhelmed by it all. Learn your parts and try and just keep trying. It’s a winding path that sometimes feels like circles. Then, you find a spot and its like Disneyland busy.


getting into the hospital


If you can make it here you can make it anywhere. (My new boss. Well. One of them.)

I will try to learn as much as I can each day at the hospital. Its a team effort and there’s so much that is just taught in little huddles. Tiny secret tricks on how to give better care. I walked around the operating room today. I have to say it was a cool feeling. Like, when my friends and I find an old motorcycle and rebuild it. That first crank. Boom womp-womp-womp. 😀 I did this. I went left during the pandemic and went back to school when others went right and watched Netflix. Ordered out. Complained about everything. I wanted, to do more but there’s still time maybe. The hardest part was trying to get the education to start somewhere at any hospital.

You know. Where everyone usually starts at 22 to 24. 😀 I thought of my young resident doctor at my last surgery. She was really fun. We’d sit there because I couldn’t move but she just wanted to help so much. I know that feeling now. Like, you go through all this learning and you finally get to do the process. I really, should have started here first in life. I kind of went and did everything else first. Its great. I had a really fun life even with the ups and downs. Mostly it was a lot of trying things. I’d take an interest. After that, I’d read everything I could and just go for it. If theere was no path I’d make one.

Right now. I went to my favorite place to draw and drink coffee. Then, I sat down. The feeling of accomplishment and acceptance washed over me. It’s a good feeling getting into the hospital.

Purdue University was a great place to get me to right now.

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