My grades are suffering a bit with the job change. An 86% on my test today. Only 5 more tests and a final. Then, I could start the rounds of applying for hospital spots again. It’s competitive, totally. Even though, the news is all over the lack of healthcare workers. There’s a hole. Yes. There’s also a huge wall from experienced workers bartering their talents for higher wages because, there’s “no new workers.” 🤷‍♂️ They’re…not wrong.

So. Administrations pay the ones that are left now more. Sometimes. Meanwhile, expectations are high, like really freaking high for hospital jobs in Arizona. I didn’t go to a great school (not sorry). I didn’t graduate top of my class (also, not sorry). I have done like every kind of job so I can finish college.

If that’s not good enough for Arizona hospital and healthcare systems, I’ll move. I don’t care. I don’t—. I’m good. I’m f—– amazing. Healthcare recruiters don’t know half the s— I went through to be six weeks away.