How to complete a year long course in 2 months.


To complete an extensive certification for any subject you first have to want to do this. You will study and fall on your face and no one will be there to tell you its a good idea to continue. This, is real life not Instagram. πŸ˜€ If you’re like me and in healthcare but not in the department you want. You’ll essentially have two full time jobs for a few months. One keeps you fed and one doesn’t–. Studying and courses are not guarantees. The same with full degree programs. It really is mostly uphill until you get hired in the thing you spent all your free time studying for. Doing it this way, which someone asked me today:

“Would you do it again?”

“Probably not–.”


I’m being honest. Just, one hiccup in life would have sent all my planning right into the dumpster. It’s humbling. I’m poor. I’m working class. I shouldn’t dream so big. Stay in my lane and make barely anything then someday when the five people above me leave or die. Get a two dollar raise. πŸ˜€

I could, still do that. I could spend all this time learning for this one exam and…fail? Then, return the next day to my regular job. Say hello to everyone and the janitors. Who. Are all pretty cool with me now. Go to my desk filled with broken medical things and get to work.

The second step.

Think of it like an escape from a prison cell. What would you need? What wouldn’t you need? Where would you need to put what little free time you receive each day? How capable are you in finding the strength to go towards the impossible? This is not a friendly mental excercise. You will look weak and it will be humbling like the first step.

The third step.

Make a plan. After you’ve at least thought about what the next action will require from you. The time. The effort. The little reward for months of studying. I then, looked at how to accelerate learning to a point I was flying.

I still had my last semester of college. I finished it a month early. Then, jumped on this certification. I didn’t register for my next semester because, with the certification I’ll be more stable. After finding an employer I could continue college. If you look at my milestones here. I was hustling after work. Eating and breathing and studying each night. My goal was a chapter a night like my Latin classes forced me to do. πŸ˜€ Like, my anatomy classes forced me to do. πŸ˜€ I did, have really great instructors that taught me in such a way that would make other students quit. For students like me which, this is Phoenix we are all pretty poor here. The faster you finish the more you save. Some of us. Many of us don’t have the three months to live off of while purely attending classes. Make a plan. Don’t expect anything if you don’t have a plan to get there.

The fourth step

In my Gantt Chart. I tried to separate my studying for finals up to the day before the Exam. For medical exams it seems like I read a book a day. Think about that before you take on such subjects. That’s the expectation is a book a day. I’m not the fastest reader or the best student. This plan, leads to this result.

The fifth step

My original plan covered 75% of the material in a real way with my job and other issues. That doesn’t cover as much material as I need to pass the certification. My retention is pretty good but I’d like to go overΒ allΒ the material at least once more before my Final exam portion 10 days from now.

The sixth step

Rework the plan.

rework gantt study plan

So. Now I have to go over three chapters a night until the day before my final. Which is my practice final. Then, wake up and take my final. This plan is pretty hectic but will give me a better chance at scoring higher on my certification.

reworking the plan to include a practice final