How to get sound back in iOS while playing Nvidia GeForce Now.

The Nvidia GeForce Now is great but the sound disappeared once I switched from Windows to iOS. So.

Go into settings.

The Safari Menu

mic access in iOS for nvidia geforce now no sound problem

The Microphone menu.

I set it to Ask rather Deny. Mostly because I wasn’t sure if it was a resources issue or something else.

The Nvidia official workaround just kind of ended here:

Make sure Safari has a blocked mic. K. Bye.



I think of it like a hallway light. One program has the light on and the other one immediately shuts it off.

iOS experimental webkit nvidia geforce now no sound problem

If that didn’t work. Go to Safari’s Experimental webkit

It’s in the Advanced menu of Safari.

Look for SpeechRecognition API.

  • Turn it off
  • Close Safari
  • Close Nvidia GeForce Now.
    • Swipe up to really close them


Now. This solved my problem with no audio while hooking up to a gaming rig in iOS.

There’s one other place to shut off the mic at least in my iOS. It’s in my Gboard app. Third option “Voice input.”

  • Swipe the radio button to off.


I won’t miss Siri. I have a bunch of cool games to play. Well. After finals.

Other tips for Nvidia GeForce Now

  • Sync your Ubisoft and Steam accounts before getting on a gaming rig.
    • It made the username authentication much easier
  • Pick a closer server to your location
    • This option is in Nvidia GeForce Now account options in the upper left
  • Get the Nimbus+ controller
    • It is great and really responsive.
    • Pair the controller before loading the app.
  • Add Nvidia GeForce Now to the homescreen.
    • Then it connects all your data to skip a bunch of login screens.


At the end, it’s a great app for streaming games as they should be enjoyed. My laptop could handle the graphics provided but each of the games I play probably needs 4 gigs of space. Its a decent trade off to just login and use a gaming rig. I like that. I’m not a huge fan of gaming but it is cheaper than going out to the bar with a better feeling of accomplishment. I started picking it up while being tested for cancer about here: Sometimes its cancer.