Hot Showers

This is what I pay in electricity running my hot water heater

The average cost of a hot water heater in Arizona to heat water is $500 a year. $1.36 a day.

I just needed a rough estimate so I’m unsure of the accuracy but it is an appliance that runs all the time like your refrigerator. Which is roughly about another $300 a year.

So. How I save energy is take showers in off peak energy times.

Then instead of running a 50 gallon water heater I run a 5 gallon. A 5 gallon bucket water heater.

Currently $4.98

Then I found a specific water heater element. They aren’t all the same.

$45.99 on Amazon

Then, the actually shower head is optional. Right? Hot water is great. I mean, who needs a shower head?

$36.99 Camping shower

So. I’m into this hot water shower thing for what? $88 Or. 64 days with a normal water heater. I’ve been taking showers like this for three years. Divorce. Child support. You get creative really fast with an ex-wife that’s pretty greedy.

I said it.

She’s not taking camping showers outside for three years.

So. With my job change and heart problems. I thought of a nice upgrade to my current setup.


Outlet timer to turn on the heater while I’m on my bike rides.


Temperature switch to cut the power to the bucket heater when its warm enough.

One of the other things about my setup versus the whole water heater. I’m basically using the same parts but on demand. I pull out my water heater kit. Heat up the water. Shower. Shut off my power. Dry out my kit.

Pay a lot for convenience so if you don’t need the conventional versions shut off your whole house water heaters. Even with my upgrades this year it still paid for itself 2.5 years ago.