I figured out how to study symbols in Quizlet

I was having trouble in Quizlet for symbols. Some jobs require prior knowledge on manufacturer symbols. A working knowledge more than a mastery. So how do you do it?

In Quizlet both desktop and app version. Leave the definition blank.
Make sure you have a picture.

Keep your flashcards less than 20.

Then, in Flashcard mode.

  • The picture will show first
  • Then, the term.
  • Like a flashcard

You do need the paid version of Quizlet to attach photos to questions.

Why only 20 cards in a Quizlet deck?

This helps with recall. I’ve done 2,000 and 3,000 flashcards deck for all these medical classes. Over noticed it does take a step longer to recall that way. Rather than, Oh. I forgot that sterile package symbol lets open that deck.”

Try to find a unique name for your decks too. That also helps with memory. You can, recall better…generally (the subject) then specific (the flashcard).


Why doesn’t Quizlet work with symbols?

It’s a great system for inputting and making quizzes. Symbols and pictures are like an extension. So. Its beyond the definition + term format. The picture is the definition and you are attempting at recalling a term. Not a program fault just, a new need.

  • Flashcards still work great.
  • Learning mode still works great.

Just remember to omit the definition of the symbol or even make a separate set of cards for symbol name and definition.