I Had An Awesome Interview

I had an awesome interview at the hospital today

I did have an awesome interview I should celebrate. I think she would have liked my interview it was my Mom’s first hospital. I used to go sometimes and draw in the lobby while she worked. I was really surprised by the callback from them. We talked. I said I can do this. I was pretty honest. I think I can or I can’t, yet I don’t exaggerate my ability. I feel pretty good about it. It was on my list of places I wanted to work. Just, to have that connection to my Mom and her hospital career. She really liked it there. My Mom was always tired but, she liked helping. It’s probably where I get it from the tradition of helping others.

Were you nervous like last time?

I wasn’t nervous I just blazed through her questions. I looked at my watch to not be too short or too long winded. I tried to think about my audience. I thought she probably has a dozen people to interview today for maybe, two spots. For the new guys only knowing in six months maybe both of us will be gone. Hospitals, are like managing a fire hose and trying not to get wet. I get that, it’s a hard job to sell and ever harder to fill jobs that have been vacant for too long. Meanwhile, I see all these new diseases or programs spread widely over facilities that have become quite thin. 

Don’t waste the interviewer’s time.

I thought about that when I’m getting interviewed. It will be the best advice to drill down your answers to a scope of reference. I bet the interviewer would appreciate an answer that reflects some respect for their time. Its Arizona, the interviewer don’t have to give me a shot just because I dumped an application in their inbox. Its a right to work state and I can be fired for just about anything. Or. Ghosted.