I have a job.


I have a job. Realistically. Getting another certificate. Isn’t going to mean anything to my current employer. I could stay there for twenty years. With this little certificate or gain the other ones and add it to the piles of papers I travel with between job interviews. In case, the recruiter gives me a moment to speak.

Oh. I have one of those let me show you. 


Studying. Gives you this layered approach to life. Its a bit like the “Neo” character in The Matrix. Except, without all the unnecessary acrobatics. You, become equipped. Just slightly more than the next person. Experience, you have all this knowledge and then you seek out experiences to “train.” I build spreadsheets and run macros and do all this training. Not because my job (current) expects it or hands off that stuff. It’s because I can. I can. Those two words. Come up more often now that I’m entering a spot where I can say:

Oh. I have one of those let me show you. 

Not for instantly moving up the healthcare chain of command. Just, to really enter the workforce as a team. That could support the team better than I could a few years ago. I just thought about that. I’ve accumulated all this knowledge and ways to think and implement and gauge and experiment with data and labor. I go to work and it’s all layered there within a well thought out system and then we play. Everyone else around us is complaining about, everything. I’m turning levers and nodding. I’m adding data and nodding. Just this person in the background keeping the system going.

I have secondary knowledge. Or. Just ways to find out. Or. Ways to almost find out. Which is, just as fun as finding out. Getting a small piece of the puzzle and not knowing if it’s a jigsaw or a sudoku? 😀

Then, that’s where the tertiary knowledge. I think, this is where I failed a few interviews. The “Tell me when….” Not everything is so hyper-specific in life. Not everything you go through will be relevant to where you’re going. You will waste time. You will waste years. Everyone does. You can try? Maybe the sympathetic ear will be like:


Tertiary. I think we see it in social media often with the attempt at clever captions that equate to “Someday you’ll be just like me but, not really.” It’s odd to quote stoicism while in spandex or sipping mimosas. Diogenes would slap that mimosa right outta your hand. Because layers. Right? How, can the experience of extreme leisure be combined with Diogenes who subsided with nothing? He was basically a jerk version of Jesus. Or, how can working out your body mean you understand the hardships of being so far removed from the decadence of culture itself? Don’t be clever. Stay in your lane. 😀

Then, you pick up a book. You pick up a ton of books. You think things. You almost have something. It’s almost a thing. You save it. You wait. You go get a degree so you can create a system. Mine for data. Expand that thing so Diogenes would be proud of you. You did not take the easy route. That’s when all the layers line up and all the knowledge fits neatly in timelines or “Tell me when you” questions at interviews.