I Made This Today

Opened with my favorite joke at my interview. At 3:30 AM this morning. It was just after lunch in Europe. Someone contacted me for a job. Naturally. I thought it was more LinkedIn spam. 🤣🤪 Then, I thought do something crazy and say yes.

So. Naturally I jumped in the shower and said I could be there when they open. Not realizing, its still only 3:30 AM here.

I’m his assistant he knows you’re coming. Be there as soon as you can.

The Assistant

At 3:30 AM? Right. Okay. I shower faster. I rush down there by 4:00 AM. It’s a HUGE company. Huge! I did it. It’s like when you wait for the one woman of your dreams and she’s not an a——. 🤣😇So. Maybe it was just the early morning but we all basically laughed for almost an hour. Then, we toured the place and met everyone. It did feel great like an amazing first date. I kinda stood there at the exit.

“Well. Call me. I guess.”