I Made This Today

Pope Francis addressed the Native American genocide in North America. That stance, to be the head of an organization and admit that my people were murdered for no reason. It feels genuine. It took 530 years since the Church blessed and sponsored voyages and sent them this way. “Once you arrive take all that is yours.” Even, if we were here already. (Doctrine of Discovery, “Inter Caetera”, 1452). It was also upheld as a legal right in our federal court system,

“..that the principle of discovery gave European nations an absolute right to New World lands.

Justice Marshall, 1823, Johnson v. McIntosh

I start there, because that was the first mistake of The Church. To proclaim. Then, forcefully assimilate the indigenous groups in Church sponsored schools. To shake the fear of God into us, the savages. To bury Native American children that died of unknown causes in mass graves. My Grandma went to one of these schools, my Mom went to one of these Church sponsored schools. They were, broken. The boarding schools did not build they broke us.

I didn’t draw this to offend The Church or Pope Francis. Even though, he will never know the damage that Native American boarding schools did to just my family. As well as, all the other families affected through forced assimilation. I believe his heart was in the right place even though as evidence arised recently it began to get buried like those children. A person, wants an equal chance at life and the effort of these boarding schools reached several generations of all our families. In a way, The Church and the government painted us Native American people in the worst light but I will not do that to you.