I Made This Today

I was thinking. Other organic lifeforms would have similar skeletal structures but adapted differently to their atmosphere. There are, four other water planets? Our atmosphere took billions of years to create. So.

Another intelligent lifeform would have other adaptations. Like, if they’re slow like us compared to other predators maybe higher ears to collect data over longer distances. You’d want to know and react to subtler differences in an environment. Ozone usually appears red or amber it’s why Mars movies look odd. A water planet with low ozone or little atmosphere would affect pigment as well as thinner Epithelial tissue.

Birds survive and adapt a lot faster than others. They could have a new generation every 40 days versus our 20-40 year cycles. I thought a water planet that had life but was not capable of human looking life. Would look more bird-like in their evolution cycle. Would still have that connection to birds.

Birds move. A whole planet away sometimes to keep their species going. That would be important on a planet that was still growing up. Little bodies. Not the nine foot giants of Avatar films.

If humans die out there will still be cockroaches and birds. 🤣👍 That’s not as fascinating as aliens and spaceships. Adaptation, is not very human either.