I Made This Today

I never met her until today. I’ve saw her around Phoenix. She’s pretty, men notice and I’d go:

It’s her. Again.


It started over flowers.

“Where did you get Veilchenblau’s?”

“My neighbors give me their clippings. No one has ever known what they were.”

Then, we talked nonstop for a half hour while I was getting work things. Just, curious…that point where you know enough about someone and almost nothing at all. She leaned into me to show me some photos on her phone. I had coffee breath but could still smell the dewy scents surrounding her. It’s wet today.

“I’m hungry ever been to the place across?”

“Are you inviting me?”

“No. I’m kind of broke right now.”

“I’ll pay. Stay a little longer.”

She grabbed at me. I declined the offer. Then, asked if I could draw her. Flowers and women are beautiful in moments. Then, I went back to work and missed lunch. 🤣 Here’s to you beautiful.