I Received A Scholarship

I thought that was cool. I looked at the hours I’ve spent studying since starting college again. It’s nearing 5,000 hours in medicine and science.

I’m not a dumb guy even though in the workplace that was always where I was put. Even in elementary school the perception of Native American children forced us into special education classes. We were near one of the richest communities in Phoenix and were not accepted.

I think, everyone cannot let go of events that cannot be fixed. Nearly thirty years after elementary school are Native American children still treated that way in the Scottsdale area? Maybe. There are so few of us left it would be hard to track. You want to hope though that even though we were mistreated that we would be the last ones to be treated this way by people in education.

Then, you work in Scottsdale and it’s similar. That, direct relationship to put the label on my person and make that the limit in my lifetime. It has been overwhelming to attempt college not from a place that could support me. That was unfortunate but these little wins along the way I will be grateful for them.