I studied everything

That it, done. Studied everything. Going outside to play. 😀 College is really really hard. Two really’s. Really. I feel like I’m learning and its like there’s so much more stuff to learn now. I don’t feel like I know nothing. It’s a strange feeling. I certainly can’t teach the subjects I’ve covered the past two years. I can assist but definitely not transfer that info to a student. Besides, I mean everything is TikTok length. Bodies and medicine are neither short nor simple. Healthcare or receiving care can be a tough experience.

I have so many college credits. 😀 I just look at them and think. Wow. I’m never going to do that. Haha. That will never pay my bills or my student loans. I didn’t grow up with money. When my Mom had made money I disappeared. I was doing life. I had no reason to go to college. What? Yeah. Not a student, at all. It was not that I disliked learning. I loved learning. I loved people. I loved that sense of wonder when you almost know something. I just never had a structure. I was that kid everyone in politics seems to talk about. The one that never had opportunities. To tell you the truth, no one says the truth after “to tell you the truth.” 😀

I don’t know. If having an opportunity to develop myself would have made much of a difference. I didn’t have a, home? I was, living on the street. I wasn’t thinking about college. I wasn’t thinking about next week. Whatever smarts I had I learned really quickly on how to take care of myself. It’s not that we don’t have enough opportunities. That’s, not it and it will never be it. Phoenix Arizona is harsh place and it always has been.