Interview Number 2

I’m kind of excited for Interview Number 2. I was studying all day for my certification. Then I thought:

You have that interview why not study for it? There’s only a few more hospitals.


Its odd there’s only a few more hospitals. 

It is true. I mean, you want a good fit but you also want a job. 🤣😁 Something. It’s not always, the best of everything on the first go in a new industry. It’s a lot of give and take. So far. I mean, I’m sitting in classes until midnight. Getting up at 6 AM to go to my real job so one day I can interview for the job I’ve received all the education.

You were getting an education while every facility needed people during the pandemic. Not. After.

Education. You learn all this stuff and the interviewer at least from past attempts. Tries. That’s healthy, that’s not blaming the system. We both sit there and, try. Maybe they didn’t get who they wanted either. 🤣 Then, see me.

Ah. The interview spiral.

Interviews are a strange mix of two people. We both have needs and are trying our best to incorporate some kind of instant community. A bit like a social media network for just the two of us. Staring at each other. Oh gosh. The staring. I went to one interview and it was just Directors. 😱😳 Imagine a table full of centuries of experience and well, me.

That’s humbling. They spoke in a kind of slang between them. They had a community. They mulled over what I said and volleyed more questions. Listened. Scratched notes. Then, volleyed more questions. When I was done I was exhausted. I didn’t get the job. I went home. Started studying for the night. It’s not, that I don’t care if people like me. I went to the interview because I wanted to work there. Then, there’s that weird limbo where you wait for your copy/paste email. “Although we were impressed by….”

The interview breakup email.

I have so many of those emails. 🤣 It could fill a book. An uninteresting book. So. I described the experience before receiving the reject email for interview number 2.

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