Is ALL art preserved?

Banksys. The arthouse darling of Sotheby’s and Christy’s and any other auction house. Went to New Orleans sometime after Hurricane Katrina and made 17 murals. First off, that’s fantastic in itself. The airport was closed. There was 10 feet of water everywhere for a long time. But, Banksys managed to be creative enough for 17 murals.

Now. From the video. A New Orleans resident wants to preserve all the murals. For like, prosperity and stuff. Not because, his stuff goes for millions. Or. That, placement was key many of his street art pieces i.e. graffiti if you’re um, not famous.

I wouldn’t keep a Banksys. That was, not his original intent of some of his pieces or specifically. New Orleans. Why did Banksys go to New Orleans? Because. President Bush didn’t seem to care about the place at the time. Leaving a Bansksys there on the street shows that nothing was done as well. Taking a Bansksys and ripping the entire wall off buildings removes that message and changes the intent of the artist. Then, you have, the value taken from the community and no value restored to New Orleans post-Katrina. Capitalists will capitalism.