Larabars. No More Donuts. 😔

I get my afternoon coffee. I get a donut. It’s like clockwork. I don’t make a lot of money but It’s the little things in the day, ya know? I ride my bicycle all the time and workout with weights. I could eat a damn donut everyday. Haha. Imagine, if the whole world just did that? The one thing a day that is just pure pleasure. It doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t have too. I remember reading The Rock would eat two pizzas and a dozen donuts a week. He’s one healthy dude but, to think. I mean, even he does it.

When I’d ride my bicycle really far into the desert or wilderness or, just around the country. I’d try every energy bar. Ever. They are a bit like those energy drinks. Each one promising this extreme lifestyle. Then, in the middle day desert sun I’d be holding a chocolate mess of “energy.” So. I’ve always liked un-frosted energy bars. Energy bars that do not resemble chocolate bars to please the air conditioned gym-goers.

Donuts cost about the same as a few Larabars. The sugar spike isn’t there a half hour after because, fruit sugar hits your blood slower. I like them. The company does not make huge claims or have star athletes. Fruit, fermented fruits, and nuts have been used to travel across countries since time began. Those guys missed donuts and Netflix.