Lock laces

Sooooo much better than normal shoe laces. I was having trouble jumping around and my shoelaces loosening. I promise I’m not OCD. The laces I received on my Pumas were very slippery. Not ideal for anything other than walking. Maybe. 🤣 So I found the cheap version of lock laces at Walmart for like $8 I think. It was in the bargain area.

Game changer.

There are fifteen kinds of shoelaces alternatives. From a thousand different companies.


Looks interesting. Like tiny bungee cords going across each shoelace hole.

Lock Laces

It says its the original shoelace locking company. It’s really hard to confirm that but they do have thtee packs for the same price I paid.


These are the laces I used on a few triathlons. They are so good! The install is a bit tricky because you can’t have too much extra. Then you put your shoe on and just twist it tight. When you’re done you press the knob and it loosens.

I couldn’t find them again until right now. I bought them a few times at the triathlon races. Super fun.