Loving Living Without Amazon or Social Media

loving living without amazon or social media

There’s still Ebay. It’s a different experience than Amazon. Although, I love living without Amazon or social media in general. In level of quality Amazon still wins. I can’t ask a reseller to talk to their manager when the needs arise. I find it slower and more hands on. The person on the selling end, has to go to the mailbox. I still love it living without Amazon or social media.

Um. You mentioned social media?

The second part, no social media is specific to the Amazon experience. I think, it changes our behaviors. I mean, it’s supposed to I am supposed to think Amazon for everything. It becomes a dependency or maybe an addiction to some. I didn’t have an addiction to either social media or Amazon. I only see the relationships off both as dependency without deeper relationships.

Ebay as micro business used stuff sellers

I may not know every Ebay seller but I can relate. I had a business. I was, super busy working most of my life. Maybe that’s the difference between Amazon and eBay and all the other businesses in Phoenix Arizona. They haven’t made Amazon money yet so they still feel welcoming. I don’t have social media so, I like stopping in to get stuff. Bob’s Used Motorcycle Parts in Phoenix Arizona is a good example. They aren’t Amazon and it’s a bit hectic but it’s an experience. Unlike social media and Amazon that favor a pseudo-experience.

But. Double um. You have Youtube sir.

I do have YouTube because server space is expensive. 🤣🤣🤣 I also found the users that are more like eBay there. On YouTube. To make money on YouTube I would have to be like the others and do what they do. So. I just use it for server space and avoid Youtubers. Occasionally, I’ll post a video that gets 2,500 views but nothing to retire from just server space. The ads here, and if I get monetized would just pay for this domain. In that way, my realism is not very Amazon or social media.

Family advice.

Art is hard. Don’t be an artist.


She is an artist. She knows.

Links to stuf.

Something that was not available on Amazon I made for myself:

GoPro Backpack Mount

A link to Amazon because, why not?

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