Made This Today

Finally met the drag racing woman that’s been beating everyone in Phoenix. We talked for a while watching the sunset. I was riding beforehand and covered in sweat stains. 🤣 She had perfect makeup and wearing just a bra. I was like, “hey.”

She smiled back and walked over. She blew a clutch on a launch. It happens. Motorcycles. I tried to pretend she wasn’t pretty. I sure didn’t feel pretty drenched in sweat. It was like instant friends though. I gave her a ride. She told me fun facts. It was cute. I kept laughing at her. She was pretty sweet like the “good tea” at my mom’s favorite Barbecue pit. My mom would like her. Too bad, I’m old. 🤣

This is what you do. Guys. Okay? No pressure. Just gravity. Not that, she didn’t mind clinging to me in 120 degree heat on a motorcycle. Or, that we had a ton in common. I don’t believe in love, that’s forced. I believe in gravity. If she wants me she’ll find me. I just dropped her off at her loft downtown.

I have Math homework. Anyways.