Making A Mattress

Mattress Tutorial

Goal: Create a mattress


  • create a cube
  • flatten
  • insert edge loops
  • That’s it



Create a cube

  • Top menu > Create > Polygon primitives > Cube


Scale the cube




Kings and double mattresses have different dimensions. Just fyi.


Also. Green just turned to yellow. So. Green or yellow flattens our cube depending on how the camera is tilted.

The hardest part is edge loops


Press Q to quit whatever tool you had.


Hold SHIFT + RMB to get this menu select insert edge loop tool




Highlighted green is where it will make the cut

Left click again to make the cut

If its not working its because it cuts the opposite of the edge you have to think in reverse.

Want a horizontal edge loop grab the vertical edge and vice versa


This is the edge loops needed to shape a mattress




Press Q to quit your tool


Modeling Toolkit > Object mode >

LMB on your cube

Press 3 to smooth the cube



What it looks like after pressing 3


LMB the grid



And. A mattress


You could add more edge loops to the corners to make edges. You want to do that before you press 3

If you mess up at any time CTRL + Z is undo. It goes back pretty far but, sometimes its good to just scrap it and start over.