Meal planning

I haven’t had as much time for Heather Robertson workouts but I have done a lot of meal plans the past two weeks. Meal planning helps at work because the vending machines and the area where I work is foods that are sugar, fat, or salt. That’s it. As if I didn’t need to make more stress. The only way I can avoid that is figuring out how to cook for myself.

Meal planning because Phoenix Arizona is just sugar fat and salt.

Do Americans eat good? No. Not at all.

If you look at our fast food choices. Popeyes. McDonald’s. Circle K. Raising Cane’s. It’s good tasting at times but not very, nourishing. I’m not the healthiest guy but even I know a gas station hot dog lunch is not very good for me everyday. That has to be at least my commitment to myself. More meal planning less stress and obviously I can’t have less work. 😀 

If everybody is eating unhealthy then you should too.

I feel like a workplace is a community. For, as much as we try to avoid closer ties to the people we work with. We borrow certain things from each other. That reach, is comforting and a bit scary. Especially, when things are stressful. I might, deal with stress differently but still follow the crowd because it’s easier than thinking. When we are stressed out and helping patients I noticed our sugar intake doubled. The vending machines sweets are all gone and everyone brings in Starbucks. Sugary drinks do little for stress the same as coffee does little for you when you’re drunk and shouldn’t be driving. 😀

It’s a hard job to be 100% everyday. I’m developing positive habits for larger roles in healthcare. No self-soothing with a chocolate covered sugar person. I don’t know. They were in the vending machine. Anyways. I can’t just, gobble gobble gobble because I lack the resting points in extreme stress while helping patients. There’s also an acceptance that I will fail on some days and eat pizza for three meals straight.

Do Americans. Eat Good. Ahem.

No we don’t–. Sugar, fat, and salt have created civilizations and are the unfortunate early demise of so many people. Including myself. I’m not above blame. Just because I studied a bunch and read a ton of medical journals doesn’t make me better. I am just as limited in my food intake.

Forgive yourself and move on.

That’s the other side of Americans, overworked Americans, and diet culture. I’ve been putting off these great Heather Robertson workouts to get more study time in before my last exam. I study often. So. I eat out. Yes, it’s terrible and also a necessary evil because my TMobile Internet likes to go down. 😳🙄 So. There’s that. 🤣 Eat. Don’t feel guilty like shame. Understand, in extreme stress or maybe even extreme guilt for not doing enough at work. Be aware of your actions on how you handle those events or days. Take notes. Then, be gentle in your approach towards something more positive. Like. Meal planning. Eventually, you will be old and everything you did to get there to be old. Rests on your person, your liver, your lungs, your eyes. Just, you’re going to live longer than you think you will be good to yourself.

Heather Robertson workouts: 

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This is Native food I enjoy when I’m not meal planning. 😀 

Emerson Frybread Food Truck