Medical Inventory Symbols Test

I’m so tired but I’m looking over my notes for my last exam for a minute in…4 days. This is a medical inventory symbols test I whipped up without fancy css or javascript because, I’m tired. 😀 I also wanted to work on all the platforms I use so it would be helpful anywhere else as well. The medical symbols on products for surgery and patient care are pretty wide and this is not an exhaustive list. Its more to provide some common symbols to help practice what to look for on packaging before distribution to patients or surgery. There’s a lot of processes to keep people feeling better. Knowledge is important and it helps to practice outside of the healthcare setting Its just go-go-go. 😀 The symbols come from the ISO symbols chart. There’s couple hundred symbols there but I stuck to the most relevant on medical supplies. It’s one of the helpful universal symbols throughout any facility. Um. Everything else, is, hm, it varies based on needs of the populations they are serving. Thats one of the hard parts about standards and procedures they are specific and relative. It doesn’t mean you throw your hands up and walk out you just, go hmmm…that’s cool. I could do that. Be open. Yes? Great.



Questions to the Medical Inventory Symbols test.

1.What are the two basic categories of inventory supplies?

a.Standard & Voluntary

b.Operational & Patient Care

c.Ancillary & Surgery


2.True/False. Inventory is both items you can reprocess and stuff that gets thrown out?


3.Three types of inventory are:

a.Consumable, reusable, and expired.

b.Consumable, reusable, and discontinued.

c.Consumable, reusable, and capital equipment.

d.Operational, consumable, and reusable.


4.What symbol is this?

5.What symbol is this?


6.What symbol is this?

medical inventory symbols test

7.What symbol is this?

8.What symbol is this?


9.What symbol is this?


10.What symbol is this?

medical inventory symbols test


More Medical Inventory Symbols Test questions below.


11.What symbol is this?


12.What symbol is this?


13.What symbol is this?

medical inventory symbols test

14.What symbol is this?

15.What symbol is this?

medical inventory symbols test

16.What symbol is this?

medical inventory symbols test


17.Periodic Automatic replenishment is?

18.Identifying and resolving work related problems is ________.

19.Death or serious injury is called a ______ event.

20.Who is at the center of every quality concern?

21.Looking back at a concerning event is doing a what?

22.What analysis tries to predict failures before they occur?

23.Is the Root Cause analysis focused on quality?










Answers to the Medical Inventory Symbols Test

1.Operational and patient care


3.Consumable, reusable, capital.

4.Date of manufacture.



7.Serial number

8.Do not sterilize

9.Lot number

10.edical device manufacturer name

11.Use by date

12.Temperature limit

13.Humidity limit

14.Atmospheric pressure limitation

15.Do not reuse

16.Keep away from rain

17.Agreed upon minimums for reordering after a cycle count.

18.process improvement.


20.The patient.

21.Root cause analysis

22.Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

23.No. It’s why it happened to begin with.



Official ISO 7000 Search engine. Its really good for the hard to find ones. Although the documentation is elsewhere on the site.


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