Metric “Feels Like Eternity.”

They’re coming to Phoenix Arizona. They have an awesome song. There’s good beer next door at State 48 brewery.

metric in phoenix az october 2


I have to study but it will be awesome to see Metric live. Packed with people and the random food truck. I heard the song and really connected with the lyrics. A really good MIDI sound ghosting in an out of “What Feels Like Eternity”. With a very simple and clean guitar section. I mean, its a really great song for people that like to hear their music. I liked Metric for a long time. You can’t really compare them to anything because no one else is like them. Its melodic and a bit danceable and doesn’t need anything.

“It feels like eternity for what feels like eternity.” 


I mean, Brie Larson did a cover of a Metric song for “Scott Pilgrim v. The World.” Brie’s version was completely different and more like Heart. Which seems challenging, to present a song as a character in a film that is a bit more gaudy than Metric. Brie’s version is probably even more famous than Metric but I think that’s what could be done with good material. Songs that have good structure are easier to remix or remake.

I mean it’s a cool version. “What feel like eternity” from Metric is also pretty cool music. You’d think being around that long they’d recycle some riffs or lyrics but in that way they are like another great band, Rush. Who also seemed to make an incredible effort to try to make new sounds. For a band to create a culture without the havoc of melodrama is almost refreshing. We don’t need to which band member is dating whoever. They just, plug in their sound and make great music. A great quality of artists is creating new things and putting on a good show. Fans appreciate that.

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