Motivations of Mass Shooters

Source: Department of Justice

We are not unique individuals. As much as we want to think we. Capital W. Are special we are just as special as anyone else on this planet that, also thinks their special-er. The special-est. Deserving of all the fame of the last thousand people that did something. The same thing. The same way. The newest TikTok challenge. Whatever.

Someone brought a good point about the education level of mass shooters, or the suspect of mass casualty event. It, intrigued me because I never thought of that. It is forever posted even in the major news sources that it is “angry young men.” Not, angry young and uneducated men. Angry young men with “some college”. I always laugh when I have to put that on an application. Anyways.

The above comes from a DOJ study on mass casualty events. They are not accidents. They are not rampages. They are events that on their surface look random. Look, unorthodox. Look closer. They are cycles. Mass unemployment of the 70’s and 90’s have peaks. Hate in 2010’s peaked. Also in the 70’s. Psychosis peaked in the 2000’s. Fame seeking peaked in the 60’s  but has these hills more than peaks that also coincide with new media consumption introductions. 90’s was the Internet. 2010’s Facebook passed Myspace.

It’s not just, angry young men.