My Attempt At A Coffee Cup

Maya Coffee Cup Tutorial

I tried this tutorial and took facetious notes of my failures.

In Maya. Where do you find the dimensions of your object properties?

Attribute editor

Attribute editor > polycylinder1 (object name) > Polycylinder history

  • there’s a ton of options just for the cylinder you may get lost

Tutorial action: 12 subdivisions on the axis

  • subdivision height is 5 so there’s five rows around the cup horizontally
  • Subdivision cap is 0
  • Multiples of four
  • So you can add more polygons if you need them

Tutorial action: click pcylinder1 in the channel box

-Translate the Y box 5

  • reaction: the cylinder jumps from below the ground

Tutorial action: right click and hold the button on the cylinder

  • click face mode

Tutorial action: Select the top face of the cylinder

-reaction: turns orange-ish

Tutorial action:

-delete the face

-reaction it turns black

Tutorial action: change views to the bottom of the cylinder

How do I rotate views in Maya?

ALT + holding Left mouse changes the view so you could look at the bottom like the tutorial

Tangent: In Maya. How do you hide the grid in viewport? Like this.

Tutorial action:

Highlight the face

  • Control + E to extrude

A dialog box appears

Use the circle and hold the center yellow box to make a smaller edge on the face like this.

Tutorial action: Multi cuts with the multi cut tool

-Purpose: Divide the brown part into four parts to manipulate more

In Maya. Where is the multi-cut tool?

In the modeling toolkit window.

First. Modeling toolkit. Then. Object tab. Then. Tools drop down. Look for the knife.

It does take a minute to figure out the multi cut tool.

  • placement is hard to learn
  • the coffee cup has a cross and start with those cuts

Its a bit jumpy

Select an edge

-reaction: it will turn red when the multi cut tool highlights it.

Then left click and hold to the vertex or dot

Its now easier to drag the line out to where you want to cut.

  • after right clicking to confirm the cut
    • right click makes the cut
    • nothing else makes the cut
    • for now
  • You’ll have more faces or polygons

  1. Extrude the cylinder
    1. Object Mode
      1. CTRL + E
      2. Change thickness to .3

Its thicker. Cool.

Smooth the edges

  • Press 3 with the object highlighted

Its more realistic with a thinner edge.

Tutorial action:

Change the cylinder lip

  • Press 1 to go back
  • Shift and open the multi cut tool
  • Hold CTRL and hover over the object to make quicker edge loops

Set two edge loops

  • My top edge is somehow different so this might be an issue

Press q to quit the multi cut tool

Then press 3 to smooth

-Yeah my extra shape divides the lip weird I’m skipping this step .

Stopped at 2:56 to go to work. 28% done.

I thought my coffee cup was floating.

  • selected object
  • attribute editor
  • pcylinder1 tab
    • transform attributes
      • change to 6
      • now its floating
      • its fine
      • changed back to 5 which is the ground

I can’t select my cup

Switch to object mode

  • FN + F8
  • The object turns light orange
    • and the faces turn red when you hover over them
  • highlight the cup bottom to extrude it
    • press CTRL + E
    • Dialog box appears

Local translate Z to -.1

  • total thickness of the cup is .3 so don’t go too deep

Press Q

  • in Maya you have the tool even after you’re done doing things
  • You have to always exit the tool to go on with your project to confirm the changes to your objects
  • Then you’re ready to use another tool

Tutorial action

  • Make a recessed bottom
  • Press 3 to smooth the object after the bottom changes.

There we go I hit CTRL + Z

  • a lot
  • about two hundred times until I found the step where that part was selected.
  • Another pitfall of working on the bottom of an object.

Pro Tip:

Its completely okay to cuss when working on models unless you’re in an office or around children on a train. People in general.


I made the recesses and I’m not going to do the other thing because it makes my model do weird stuff.

Switch to polygon mode

  • Press 1
  • Press Q to deselect your tool

Add a handle

  • Select eight grid squares spaced apart

Hold shift and right click to bring up the special menu

– click Circularize components

They modify the squares a bit wonky

We do two things to fix that

The twist command

Surface average

First twist

Change to 2.2 or around there

  • straightens the vertical line only of the tan squares

Now the alignment two lines down.

  • surface average
    • to be honest. I didn’t notice a difference but maybe it’s a modifier

Now press delete

Now he wants us to mess with the holes we made.

Right click

-highlight edge mode

-left click

-find an edge on the top hole

Okay so my model is different again

  • my cut only made it through the outer wall of the cup

highlighted the hole and pressed CTRL + E anyways and its working, kinda.

Oh. That’s what he means. He said it one way and did it another.

Object mode

  • find the edge of the hole
  • it turns red
  • double click
  • the entire hole is selected

Now the extrude command works


Hmm a bit funky

I have to shrink the handle holes down anyways

Lets erase this

i was able to bevel the holes to scale them in.

  • the bottom didn’t react the same.
  • After highlighting and CTRL + E
    • I switched to the scale command and shrunk the hole

Now it looks similar to the tutorial

Although I was not able to change the hole dimensions with the scale command

  • oh well for now
  • He can scale the holes I can’t

You kind of need them to be edge loops to select the whole hole.

I worked around this by clicking each edge of both holes

Then, EDIT MESH from the top menu


  • dialog box
  • Smooth path + curve radio button
  • Custom radio button
  • Division
    • 10 I think this is squares for the grid around the curve of the handle
  • Then finally click bridge
    • Error: the circles have to be the same size
      • DO OVER
      • AGAIN
  • Not cussing

My cup will not now or ever have a bevel in its handle

  • the bevel at the cup wall added another block
    • the block quantities didn’t match so I couldn’t bridge the holes to make a handle

My holes still have an extra dot so it thinks its another face

  • How do you connect a vertex on a single line?
    • Then, I thought. Why not add another vertex dot to the bottom hole?
      • Then bridge

It selected okay

Edit mesh > bridge now


Do over again.

So i took off the surface average and they both look the same.

  • Now I’m just desperate
    • A different error
      • combine the objects first?
        • That’s what I’m trying to do

I did have the faces selected I’ll try just the polygon edges

Edit mesh > bridge

Error : equal number of edges before bridge

Okay. Something went weird there.

Back to the squares

It works with equal squares top and bottom

Then Maya died. 😔🤣

Back to Object Mode. This way seemed easier.

Back to 8 squares for cup handles

Now, what if I bridge and then just smooth everything with 3?

That might solve a ton of problems


Other squares were selected

This is hard

Try it again

F—— 3d!



Trying again

It worked like 5 minutes ago

Selected 8 squares

  • Edit mesh
    • Bridge


There is a handle

  • Now I’ll press 3 to smooth

OR. I’ll I’ll select all

  • then press the smooth icon in the lower right in the modeling toolkit


Its not as pretty as the tutorial but its interesting.


I’m saving it and calling it done.