My current job and the outlook for Phoenix Arizona.

My current job pays less than the National average. It is Phoenix Arizona, I heard one guy made a 16 cents raise last year. The company made 80 billion. Hm. People complain of high labor costs but realistically its not the whole truth. I may get a 16 cents raise as well when it is my turn to talk to the boss and see why it’s, 16 cents. Its a very specific number. Like, we were going to give you a quarter but a, b, and c, and remember when you did d? So. 16 cents. Can you send Rashawnda in? :-/


The average hourly pay at my current job. I’m somewhere close to $14.42 an hour for what I do.

hourly wages in arizona

Dealing with diseases and sicknesses all around and making as much as an In N Out employee can be humbling. Very humbling. We both provide a service. Then, on top of that going to classes after work and on weekends for months and years working anywhere that is hiring in the Phoenix area. To make as much as an In N Out employee making a tasty burger at my current job? That’s humbling. If I stayed in my current position and received a 16 cents an hour raise when it comes my turn to talk to the boss. Well. I still would be far off from the Arizona average for my current job. Meanwhile, the company itself pulls 80 billion a year. I wouldn’t work any more if I made 80 billion. I would not–.


Don’t be discouraged get retrained.

So. Getting retrained and certified and going out to find another job than my current job that doesn’t cap at $18 an hour in Phoenix Arizona. I think, its a pretty good thing. I don’t want a 16 cent raise for working a whole year at my current job. A boss smiling. 😀

Accept that everything is hard.

Realize. Everything is hard. Everything. Medical is hard. Class is hard. No one helps you when you’re an adult especially in Phoenix Arizona. No one really makes that much money here. In fact, friends kind of bug you when you have to study or when I get off work and drove for an hour to get home. Friends bug me so much. So much, its like, shut off my phone and pretend I’m a caveman. 😀 Sigh. I can do this. I have to get out of my current job. I can just get certified and throw myself out there to Phoenix Arizona. Maybe Tempe or Scottsdale but probably Phoenix Arizona. Find a good company to work for that our values align. Maybe they’ll offer a 30 cent raise in a year than my current job. 😀


If you want to look up your job industry and what everyone else is making. I mean Glassdoor is pretty off sometimes I think because of self-reporting. O Net has a good realistic number for positions and wages.

ONET Wages profiles

This is how I stay organized for my current job:

How I stay organized