My Mom’s New Computer

My Mom likes to use stuff until it breaks. Her laptop is fifteen years old. It’s on its third or fourth battery. It still works. She’ll take it into low income neighborhoods and help families with their taxes. Help them apply for aid. Schedule their medical appointments. Arrange vans for the hospital. Order prescriptions. This is her community and she helps as much as she can between surgeries. She even made a community garden she tends to with her husky.

I knew she’d say no if I told her I’d get her a new laptop. Every little bit she puts towards others before herself. It’s why she’s turned down her back surgeries for years. She didn’t want to be down that long. I pulled out the laptop out of my bag while she was telling me her day from the other room.

“Uh huh. Then what happened?”

I take out a brand new mouse. I put the glass screen protector on a new phone. Her new phone. I must have been too quiet.

“What are you doing?”

“I got you a new laptop and a phone.”

“I liked my flip phone.”

“I know.”

A friend of mine got me a phone she liked. Said if she ever had money she’d get it. So.

I mean, I’m no Son of the year.

I was going to get a new laptop for 3D sculpting. I had it all picked out and cancelled twice. Then, I thought of my Mom and the community that needs her. How could I help? So. I got her a mobile office.