New Order

An excellent film from Latin America. It’s a wedding day in Mexico City. A well to do family invites everyone from the area. Millionaires in nice cars crowd the tiny streets with large armored SUVs. Because. Mexico City. An unknown uprising is happening many streets over. Much like, any George Floyd protest in America. Just, the disorder of it was so familiar. Hundreds in rage running through the streets to combine in a larger wave of devastation and chaos. The cameras are damn near perfect. It was, not too emotional and not too documentary. The cameras were more like a confused onlooker working inside a system of a city. That, just fell apart.

Mexico City population is 9 million. It does have many conflicts. Similar to the BLM protests and whatever riots that occurred during our separately. That, same confusion we saw while watching the news. Why is this happening? Right?

It was captured perfectly in this film. A well meaning revolution and a small band of the military take over a neighbourhood. Then, with the help of angry citizens turned opportunistic take over half of Mexico City. Rights become revoked and order returns. Only. The nice couple that were having a wedding are changed forever. They were the catalyst, the wick of the candle. Chosen, to be overrun by the anti-everything’s and angry citizens turned opportunistic. It had that kind of dread I felt watching, what was it? Hm. That Cillian Murphy movie. 28 Days Later. Dystopian scifi films have shined over the last decade. I think it’s the easy connections. Zombies. Plagues. Outsiders. Revolutionists. A way of life that we all get some enjoyment from turns on its head and then, we watch like voyeurs.