New plan for my final exam.

How I'm progressing towards my final.

I was on the phone today.

“Your what?”

“My final exam appointment.”

“We never received anything.”

“Well. Can you look? I sent a request and a follow-up email. Just–. Look. Please.”

A half an hour of hold music later. A different lady that was nicer. I was nicer. I was direct but, nicer. I didn’t want the person in charge to hang up on me. She said she’s working on it. I mean–. I took vacation days to study. I am really trying here. 😀

Purdue did return my email and said they were waiting for my college to email them. Now. I know why. Ha ha.

It’s okay to not care about me. It really is, even if it’s your job to essentially care. You know? Your whole job is students. 

My whole job is patients. 

An instructor fails and a student fails. A student quits school. The instructor still has a job. My job? I fail, its bad. I try not to fail at my job. I am reminded everyday on how I could do something better in this kind of controlled chaos environment. Its great. Its why I get up in the morning. Its why I sit in an hour of traffic each way when I live six miles away. Patients.