New Study place no not Starbucks

Even though I’m six months ahead. It will still be challenging to be placed at a hospital to complete my certification. So. I looked around Phoenix. Starbucks? No. It’s ridiculous there. 

The overhead music is kinda loud and terrible.

Those other Starbucks clones?

See above.

I found the library. I love it. Except for a few patrons that seem to sleep or play Call of Duty at full volume. Phoenix. God! Gawd! Why are we so awful here? It could be a decent place where no one bothers anyone. You know?

I don’t make my studying of bodies your problem. I don’t bring a projector and stare organs and diseases in life size. Yet. There you are blaring TikTok. 🙄😁

We need to take back libraries for students and people that want to better themselves. You have no place else to go? Well. Me too. Now. Shut up I’m trying to study. Not everything is starbucks, I’m kind of happy for that. We didn’t change food to have more Starbucks experiences like lets say at the taco shops in Phoenix Arizona. Libraries have changed tremendously. 

Why can’t I use this part?

“Its for teens.”

It’s a quarter of the library and there’s no short people.

“Don’t matter go sit by the homeless.”


Libraries have become a makeshift homeless shelter which, is fine. I’ll walk into the bathroom and someone is showering in the sink. Or, taking their five bags and suitcases to the only stall and just kind of living there. Since going back to college I’ve set my expectations really low for Starbucks or the library just because of these past experiences. There’s more homeless. There’s more inconsiderate people than homeless. Where do you start your battles? The lady that wants to sit down and FaceTime her friend at full volume? In the library. Its okay, she’s a teen but looks thirty.