One minute infectious diseases quiz.

I’m kind of streamlining things here. I have a ton of space on my website. Why not put my quizzes here? That way I don’t have to buy data elsewhere. Healthcare and medical training is hard. Really hard because you have to know many things before you can even do, anything. I’m going to break it down into 10 question quizzes with the answers below them. That way, I can at least go “Oh hey look somethin’ I need to review.” Then, go off into the medical journals for a definitive answer.


1. What is the difference between medical asepsis and surgical asepsis?
2. What is the first principle of asepsis?
3. What is the second principle of asepsis?
4. What is the third principle of asepsis?
5. What is the fourth principle of asepsis?
6. What is the fifth principle of asepsis?
7. Can you wear street clothes in the sterile area?
8. Why wear fluid resistant gowns?
9. If you had dedicated shoes for decontamination do you have to wear boot covers?
10. If you wear a face shield do you need to also wear a respirator?





1.Medical asepsis reduces microorganisms Surgical asepsis eliminates all microorganisms.
2.Know what is dirty.
3.Know what is clean.
4.Know what is sterile
5.Keep the three conditions separate.
6.Remedy contamination immediately.
8.To prevent contaminated fluids from soaking into clothing.
9.Yes. It protects the lower leg from contaminated fluid spray.
10.Yes. Contaminated aerosols float and your head swivels the respirator creates a barrier from aerosols.

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