One Minute Sterile Surgery Area Quiz

Short quiz on the how, where, and why of the surgery area in a hospital.

1.What do you have to wear in a restricted area?
2.Do semi-restricted areas like the OR hallways have less dress code requirements?
3.What can you wear in semi-restricted areas?
4.What can be worn in unrestricted areas?
5.What is an unrestricted area in a hospital?
6.How do you know when you enter a restricted area?
7.How do you know what is to be worn when entering a restricted area?
8.What if you’re unsure if you have the right PPE to enter an area?
9.Why do you need separate areas for different procedures?
10.How come family cannot be in the OR like the movies and television?







1. Scrubs, hair coverings, masks, gown, gloves.
2. No they are also treated as restricted dress code areas.
3. Scrubs and hair coverings.
4. Street clothes. Anything.
5. Patient hallways. General public areas.
6. There is signs to create boundaries between public areas and restricted areas.
7. There are more signs that identify what’s required for entry. Also, keyed access to restricted areas.
8. Ask before entering.
9. To reduce infections and create safe environments for patient care.
10. Real life has more restrictions to provide the best care to the patient.

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