How to make a head in Nomad Sculpt.

Finding a fun 3D art program for iOS is challenging. Then, finding one that works on my iPhone is even more challenging. I couldn’t find proper directions for the iOS version of Nomad Sculpt. So. I made a quick tutorial of using basic shapes for sculpting a head in Nomad Scult.


Orthographic view

    • For sculpting heads


How to do it.


Camera icon



Projection > Orthographic radio button


I used:

    • Flatten. To straighten the sides
    • Smooth to round what was left.


Adding a jaw.

    • insert another sphere.
    • Align it to the bottom center.
    • Reshape it to the existing shape.

The iOS version. Only one way I found to add primitives.

File > Scene > Primitive


A jaw could be many shapes. I’m going to try a sphere.


You get a sphere menu to adjust the detail. I’m not going to get into it. Just tap behind it to get back to the shapes.


The Gizmo tool is automatically highlighted.

    • You can then move the new sphere in place.
    • If you tap too much just tap the Gizmo tool again to get the shape to move again.



Okay. Now I need it to shrink.

The transform tool and scale.

Only scale you can do a bunch of things at once but it’s a small workspace. I like just one thing at a time.


Then, I used the Transform > Move tool. Moving the jaw sphere forward and up.

The mesh is a bit high so you can reduce the detail by voxel remeshing. It’s just easier to manipulate for us new people without a lot of details.

The top bar menu:

Multi-Res icon (Looks like a hashtag)

Then, Voxel in the sub menu.

The resolution slider button.

    • You slide your finger across to change the resolution 5 is the lowest.
      • It’s a different minimum resolution for each shape.
    • Then, tap Remesh
    • Then tap out of the screen
      • Tap your project behind it.



We now have a very rough looking skull.

    • The lighter object is what is highlighted currently.


Let’s add some ears.

File > Scene > Primitive > Cylinder

    • Primitive submenu but you can just click through it.

The shapes will not be to your scale. This is where we use the tools on the upper left bar

    • Move
    • Rotate
    • Scale


Make mistakes. Laugh. Do it again.


It’s about where an ear should be.

I’m going to use Trim > Rectangle to cut the excess off the cylinder.

The white rectangle is what will be removed from the cylinder.



With the cylinder ear highlighted. I used the Gizmo tool to add some more oval shape to it.

It’s really trial and error. The iPhone version is such a small working space. Have a lot of patience.


Then I used the Transform tool.

    • Move option to put the ear back on the skull.
      • mine moved
    • Scale option to reduce the size to a proportion similar to the skull.


Humans and creatures with human qualities have their ears usually ending at the top of the eyebrows. This is close enough but you can tell its still a lot of ear. πŸ˜±πŸ˜‡


Using the Transform > Scale tool to match ear height to the eyebrows.

    • Not using arrows because it’s a preference really. Something you notice when drawing people.


We need an ear on the left side. We’re going to use the Symmetry Submenu and flip the ear right to left.

Gizmo tool top menu bar > Symmetry submenu > Mirroring submenu > Right to left button

    • You’ll get a warning. Click yes.


Now we have two ears.


We just created a head on an iPhone in three Axis. With four shapes.



Nomad Sculpt in the app store.